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On the Vanguard

Went to check out the Marcus Roberts Trio at the Vanguard last night. I wasn’t expecting much considering it was a mid-week thing and it wasn’t that crowded but DAMN it was good. Roland Guerin was rocking the house on bass, Jason Marsalis (who you might expect to be riding his brothers’ reputations) impressively held his own on drums, and band leader Marcus Roberts’ piano chops kept taking the trio in unexpected new directions melodically. Together, they decomposed and recast classics and new tunes with unusual glee. It was fantastic!

Mozilla is the Daddy

Mozilla isn’t just mature, it’s flat-out wicked. With features like pop-up blocking, spam blocking, and the ability to tame javascript, there’s not much point in looking elsewhere for your browsing and mail needs. With Firebird and Thunderbird on the way, things are just starting to get interesting… Try it!

(Now if Cerulean would finally push Trillian 2 out the door, the stars will be that much closer to aligning.)

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