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Collages of Reflection

Jeffrey Aaronson is over at the Kashya Hildebrand Gallery using reflections to make thoughtful and technically impressive collages of contrast. Each photo uses reflection to merge at least two worlds — rich-poor (above), indoor-outdoor, in motion-at rest, whimsical-conservative, and more. The online images give an idea, but these photos are much more impressive in person.

While in Chelsea, it’s also worth checking out Richard Serra’s four new pieces: Wake, Blindspot, Catwalk, and Vice-Versa at the Gagosian. Walking through them and seeing the light play off the textured metal is an amazing experience.

image grabbed from the kashya hilderbrand online

Nice work, California

Terminator for governor, eh? It’s cute now, but when you wake up in a couple months with this musclebound idiot driving your state even further into the bottom of the ocean, it ain’t going to be all that funny anymore.

And, even after all that, I still think we’re going to find some way for Arnold to run for president. I mean, who do you bet on in a Constitution vs. Conan deathmatch? We haven’t had a constitutional convention in a while, right? ‘Bout time to get that party started!

image grabbed from the times online

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