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Mulgrew Sets the Standard

Is there a better jazz name than Mulgrew Miller? That name just says ‘jazz man’ to me — it rolls of the tongue like Thelonious Monk or Wes Montgomery. And why not? His show at The Jazz Standard this past Friday was one of those stand up and scream ‘hot damn’ type events — just flat out tight musicianship with sick improvisational exchanges. There were a good number of folks in the audience with gig bags. Need I say more?

The set list was well laid out and, of course, included his standard “Wingspan,” which I just never tire of. This time he had a vibist, sax, and trumpet to go along with the trio I saw at Smoke back in October so it was interesting to see how the arrangements changed for the expanded cast. And, of course, the band were all hanging out at the bar after the set, welcoming conversation as usual. Just not a lot to dislike here. Check them out around NYC — they seem to show up at a new venue every few months. Or, if you can’t wait, pick up the latest disk.

image grabbed from All About Jazz

Arnie Whispers “President”

Looks like Arnold is beginning to test the waters on foreign-born presidents. While this may not be a bad idea in general, I sure hope people aren’t inclined to convene a constitutional convention based on fond memories of The Terminator. If they are, though, I hope folks at least take into account the fact that The Governator has been in some awful garbage, too.
(I first mentioned this possibility back in October…but I’ve been trying real hard not to think about it since.)

Adding Sizzle to the Mozizzle

Mozilla pushed two new releases on Monday — the Firefox 0.8 web browser and the Thunderbird 0.5 mail client. I can’t help but think of a certain Clint Eastwood-directed winner when I hear the new name for the browser but, hey, finding good names is tough and it’s fine for those with shorter memories than mine.

Get Firefox

All the naming issues are really a side show, though. What’s front and center are the impressive feature sets and high reliability. Even in their pre-1.0 state, these products are better than those offered by a certain monopolist we all know and love. So, get downloading!

Narcoleptic Dunkers of the World Unite!

There are worse places to fall asleep…… but not many!

image grabbed from AP

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