What Happened to Pierce Brosnan’s Head?

brosnan-stache.jpgIs this moustache-enabled look what the new Pierce Brosnan has in store for the world? If so, check me out now! While it does seem that he needs to make a statement about his post-Bond status, I’m not sure it’s necessary to give little children nightmares.

For instance, compare the box office take of his last Bond and non-Bond efforts — just a discrepancy of roughly $300 million is all. It’s hard to blame Pierce for taking risks, though. And who didn’t love The Thomas Crown Affair besides some snotty critics?

Still, I have yet to find one person who wasn’t terrified by Mr. non-Bond’s new look. Hopefully, he’s just prepping for a role in the next Farrelly brothers movie. What do you think?

image grabbed from cnn

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