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Just the Good Ol’ French Canadian Boys?

frenchie-dukes.jpgIs it me or is there a fair bit of irony involved when a French Canadian company publishes a game based on the ultimate redneck fantasy: Dukes of Hazzard? Return of the General Lee is out today. What’s next? Charest introducing a new holiday honoring Deliverance? Ugly.

So, does this Frenchie embrace of hillbilly American culture mean freedom fries forgiven?

Out of the Frying Pan

fox-on-fire.pngWell, that didn’t take long! With the launch of the Firefox 1.0 Preview Release earlier this week, The Foundation posed a challenge to the Mozilla community at large: Can you evangelize Firefox to the point where there are one million downloads in ten days?

It took just four. As seen in previous challenges, it doesn’t take much to get the hardcore Mozilla community riled up. What this new challenge really crystalizes, though, is the power that community can wield in winning new converts. Seeing IE’s share of the developer market beginning to wane provides nice encouragement. IE’s progressive decent into security hell can’t hurt, either.

Depending on who you ask, Firefox is either on its way to market dominance or on the way down the toilet. Either way, though, Mozilla is doing a whole lot right. Good things are happening.

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Ass Kissing Hits New High South of Houston


Emerging from the vodka-drenched Pravda is probably not the best time to trust one’s eyes, but the photographic evidence is pretty had to dispute. Yes, there is a massive billboard of a woman sensuously applying her lips a man’s bare bottom at Lafayette and Houston. Err…this makes me want to buy jeans?

photo by jellisvga

Hewitt Gets Housed

usopen2k4-federer.jpg   usopen2k4-eeew.jpg

Ever since his little stunt back in 2001, I’ve taken a fair bit of pleasure in watching Lleyton Eeewit get smacked around in the majors. Here’s a brief on his 2001 US Open stupidity. It bears repeating…

After getting called for a second foot fault in the third set, Hewitt was overheard wondering aloud to the umpire if it was a coincidence that Blake and the linesman in question were both African Americans.

“Look at him,” Hewitt said, pointing to the linesman. “Look at him,” Hewitt said, referring to Blake. “You tell me what the similarity is.”     — Greg Garber (ESPN)

Never mind that every other judge was white, this was clearly still an advantage for Blake. Classy stuff, and on the world stage no less. Blake later took the high road and let Hewitt’s outburst stand on its own. As usual, Open officials wimped out and took no disciplinary action.

While Eeewit continues to rank high and is always a threat in the Grand Slams, it’s nice to see the little bastard get punked when it does happen. And, oh did it happen when he ran into a certain buzz-saw known as Mr. Federer on Sunday. 6-0, 7-6, 6-0. Little karma for ya?

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George Lucas Danglers are So You!

George Lucas is constantly seeking out new ways to get in your wallet — from his endless repackaging of the classic films to the soulless new franchise to the countless awful videogames, Georgie-boy sure knows how to get maximum cash for minimal effort by abusing the loyal. (Okay, so there were a few good Star Wars games.) Rather than building on the colossal goodwill created by his early work, Lucas seems content to piss it away by treating fans not as creative thinkers to be entertained but as a commodities to be exploited. Commodities not unlike those subjugated humans whose plight he so vividly depicted in his student film, THX-1138.


Included in the re-release of said film is a special memento: an earring. The very earring, in fact, worn by all the humans in his film; the earring that identifies them as a number, not a name; the earring that identifies them as interchangeable tools. Orwellian, don’t you think? Ironic, too, considering all indications are that Lucas have roughly the same view of his fan base as the machines had of the humans in THX. The message seems clear:

Buy my packaged and repackaged movies (Now with even more gelatinous Jabba!), play my brain numbing videogames, shell out more cash at the box office while I trot out shells of your favorite characters to humiliate themselves by spouting soulless dialog in scenes that lack any kind of drama. Oh, and wear this bar-coded earring so I can tell you apart from my other bitches!

Geesh! And I thought the Bill Gates nipple-ring was bad…

Space Varmints on the Loose

destroy-all-humans-alien.jpgOnly bits and pieces are known about the gameplay experience that Destroy All Humans will provide. But how can you lose with seemingly unfettered access to crazed alien mischief!?

From shocking civilians in the morning to causing confusion in the evening to the subtly effective block rocking beats, Destroy All Humans seems to have its chaos bases covered. Staples like abduction, telekinesis, and mind control appear to be in evidence as well.

It’s nice to see Pandemic making a comeback. Their freshman effort, Battlezone took some of the ideas in Uprising and created an underappreciated piece of brilliance. Sadly, they followed that with a string of stinkers that seemed designed to test the resolve of even the biggest Battlezone fans.

Thankfully, a nice turnaround began with the release of Full Spectrum Warrior. Let’s hope we’re seeing the beginning of a streak rather than another diamond in the rough. Those aliens in Mars Attacks have a thing or two to learn about wanton destruction yet!

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