Battle of the Unfittest


The ads just keep getting uglier and uglier. Way to get to the basement and start digging! If Kerry wins, the terrorists have won — if Bush wins, we’re in for Vietnam round 2. Kerry flip-flops and Bush flop-flips. Oh, and by the way, both guys are unfit to lead! It’s pretty easy to come to the conclusion that we’re going to end up with an idiot no matter what, isn’t it?

Sure, we can lament that democracy ain’t what it used to be, but perhaps another answer lies in a bit of risk management:

So we have two risks. We have the risk of continuing with a presidency of palpable incompetence and rigidity. And we have the risk of embarking on a new administration with a man whose record as a legislator inspires little confidence in his capacity to rise to the challenges ahead. Which is the greater one?     — Andrew Sullivan (TNR)

I don’t know about you, but a little legislative inadequacy is sounding pretty damn good over here. Need more convincing? Read Bush’s Lost Year.

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