All Architects are A%#holes

Robert Moses

Who can dislike a play that features Jane Jacobs leading a mob of women jilted by draftsman in chanting “All architects are assholes!” Sure, it’s a bit strange but all the singing and dancing about urban planning is in service of a higher goal: tracing the great and tragic life story of Robert Moses. Oh, and let’s not forget the bunny spawning:

Amidst a blaze of streaming media, ridiculous choreography, and dozens of live fornicating rabbits, a desperate battle is waged over the creation of New York’s bridges, highways, and public housing.

As you might guess, it is a bit of a mess but you’ll forgive Boozy that for all its creativity, energy, and fourth-wall fun. Not to mention the fact that it has a surprisingly firm grasp of New York City history and, of course, Moses’ connection with Le Corbusier (“Boozy” for short).

For those who love architecture, the show that calls architects the a-word shouldn’t be missed. At $15 a head, though, it’s good fun for all. The run ends March 5.

image of rm’s misection via arnold newman

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