DDR Can’t Flow

Dance Dance Revolution has long been the pinnacle of arcade hipness, yielding all sorts of insane performances. But, as the latest video from DJ Format proves, physical freestyling ain’t got nothin’ on vocal.

Aside from laughs, though, the video provides some genuinely interesting ideas for entertainment uses of next-generation voice recognition technology. There’s clearly some kind of rhyme recognizer involved. Plus, MCs earn bonuses for hometown shouts, syllable count, tag-team, fill in the blanks, madlibs, and incorporating everything in a word bank. Wordplay, flow, delivery. It’s clever stuff. Props to Harmonix for planting the seeds.

Watch it here: 3 Feet Deep
Be sure to stick around for the remote DJ twist at the end. Icing.

Update: Thanks to Link for finding a higher quality video and the director, Keith Schofield.

thanks for the pointer, josé

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