New Vintage Vice

Crockett & Tubbs as the 80s Peaked

The Vice is back; we just don’t know it yet. From Rockstar North’s Vice City to a certain CBS wannabe, it’s creeping up on us. Heck, Kenneth Cole recently ran a city-wide ad campaign mirroring the above image with new faces. Just another day in the re-emergence of the cultural force once known as MTV Cops.

Of particular note, though, is that Michael Mann has re-taken the helm. We should have guessed that he’d return since Vice has so clearly defined his style from Heat to Robbery Homicide Division to Collateral. Now, with the announcement of a Miami Vice film for next year — starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx, no less — Vice fans finally have something concrete to look forward to. And something to help us forget the unfortunate Mr. Bridges and a certain short-lived recording career. Olmos has aged well, though, and should be cast again — he can make anything good. Oh, and ya think Tubbs could get some lines this time around?

For more on Mann’s style, see That Miami Vice Feeling.

image grabbed from wildhorse

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