A Night in Metronome

In a recent interview, Shigeru Miyamoto said his favorite games to see at trade shows are the ones hidden away in corners that nobody else is paying attention to. He couldn’t have put it better. And this year’s E3 held a particularly unseen artistic gem called City of Metronome.

From the beautifully detailed euro-asian night streets to the darkened quirky characters that inhabit them to the warmly lit buildings that loom overhead, this place just feels special from the outset. Part of what makes the style so memorable is that it manages to be equal parts foreboding and whimsy, scary and safe. And in such confident fashion for a freshman effort.

It’s unclear what the gameplay will be like, though early whispers hint at an adventure game with sound as a central element. Perhaps Metronome will combine some ideas from the groundbreaking Loom with what more recent music games have taught us. A feast for the eyes and ears, then?

Read more at the Metronome site — don’t miss the stills and motion.

image grabbed from tarsier.se

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