Holding Court

A handheld lawyer game sounds like about as much fun as eating bricks, but with the Nintendo DS’s new (for games, that is) combination of input techniques you never know. After all, in fall the DS will give us Trauma Center, where players use the stylus to cut open patients while cheering them on via mic to increase their morale.

Plus, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has flair to spare. From the hilarious “OBJECTION!” that opens the E3 trailer to the engaging cartoon style to your sidekick Maya “the medium” Fey, it looks like their claim “the law has never been this fun” might actually prove true.

The art looks quite good overall but some of it is a tad disturbing. For instance, the above promotional piece features all the major characters: Phoenix (accusatory), Maya (mid-spasm), opposing council Miles (smug), Mia (busty), the stoic judge… And then there’s the naked guy bent over in a jail cell. Presenting the grim realities of prison life with cell-shaded panache, are we? Chalk up another first for DS.

For more, watch the over-the-top trailer

image grabbed from gamespot

2 Responses to “Holding Court”

  1. 1 Phoenix Wright


    Your review is CRAP!!!

  2. 2 Jason

    Overruled! Might be crap if it were a review. These are just thoughts based on some art and the E3 trailer, months before the game’s release in September. Check the post date. What happened to your deductive skills, Phoenix?

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