G-Man Meets G.W.

We all know Bush but some may not be familiar with the nameless “G-Man,” the grayest of characters in the videogame Half-Life. In the game, you never know if he’s a co-conspirator or seeing to your demise, though his tone and demeanor would lead one to conclude the latter. Either way, he’s always there — hovering in the background, pulling the strings.

What, then, are we to make of a poster that juxtaposes his image with our president’s? Are they suggesting a replacement for Karl Rove? The G-Man could certainly best even Rove in the string pulling department. Considering this is an ad for G4’s annual videogames poll, though, perhaps we’re expected to pick the biggest villain of the two. Or…err…the greatest savior?

Whatever their intentions, G4 should at least be applauded for having a bit of risky fun. Considering the stupidity surrounding the videogame industry these days, we’ll take what we can get.

For more G-Man, see Randall Glass’ clever redo of a certain famous court scene in A Few Good G-Men

photo via jellisvga

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