Not everyone can get a Humvee for their 18th birthday, right? This baby’ll keep you covered until you’ve got four years of college tuition to piss away on the full-fledged petrol-inhaling air-quality-destoyah! Rock on. Hell, if you meet a hot chick (who doesn’t happen to know you still live with your parents), you might even be able to fool her into thinking you drive the real thing with the blatantly branded car alarm remote cum boombox remote. That’ll buy you some time to find an explanation for the Griswold Family Truckster you’ve got out in the parking lot.

You gotta wonder which is worse: polluting the planet for your own vanity with an SUV or just desperately pretending to. I suppose the first is evil and pathetic while the second is just double on the pathetic. Call it even, then.

Footnote: Hummers suck, but their ads are wicked hot.

images grabbed from bestbuy.com

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