Why So Gloomy?

Gloomy Bear is 5! Yet somehow I feel we’ve just begun to know thee. After all, there are so many ways to be sweet to children, lull their parents into a false sense of security, and then unleash a gorefest the likes of which humanity has nary imagined. That’s cute cuddly Hannibal Lechter in training Gloomy Bear for ya.

The early phases of Gloomy’s career are captured nicely on creator Mori Chack’s website. A few favorites being the accidental choke out, kindred spirits, and the ever popular knee meets face. Can’t wait for more! Oh, and don’t miss Mori’s perky postman.

If you desire physical contact with Gloomy, check out the stock at Kid Robot, browse the Official Gloomy site, or visit the mothership in Osaka proper. Obsessed yet? Read up on Mori himself. And while you’re shopping Gloomy, take a look at Halfsies as well — fantastically creative, hilariously macabre stuff from this side of the Pacific.

image grabbed from chax.net

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