Even Demons Get Thirsty

Demons out for blood menacingly roam the streets, howling and spitting fire — all while delicately cradling bottles of Evian. Hey, Hell is hot! Nothing like designer water to keep the respectable demon pitchfork-jabbing baddies overtime. Or, in the case of Dominican city La Vega at Carnival, whipping standers-by with reinforced cow bladders. Heck, one costumed faction even has a device for making sure their booty slapping meets quality standards:

The Rebels had created what may be the first machine in history to measure how hard you can swing a dried bladder. The test-of-strength gadget, called a vejig?metro, or bladder-meter, looks like a cannon. Wind up and bash the back end with your handy cow-bladder whip, and out flies a ball. The farther it goes, the stronger you are. Or, put another way, the more pain you would have inflicted on somebody’s rear end. Seth Kugel

The gorgeous costumes and quality partying looks to make getting smacked a few times worthwhile, though. More excellent costume shots and sounds to go with them can be found in the times slideshow.

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