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Smorkin’ Panda

Smorkin' Panda         Smorkin' Labbit

After weeks of being accessible only via webcam, mini-panda Tai Shan got his close up yesterday and, with it, a certain affinity for smoked substances was revealed. Okay, it’s just bamboo. Still, you can’t blame me if Frank Kozik’s Smorkin’ Labbit popped to mind, right? Right??

Wanna kill your productivity? Visit the live National Zoo panda cam and time instantly evaporates (mirrored at Or peek at San Diego’s month-younger panda cub Su Lin via Lastly, one can never get enough Tarepanda.

images grabbed from kidrobot and cnn

Guitarists of the Revolution

Nintendo proclaims the Revolution will be about attracting new gamers to the market using a radical new controller that feels like an extension of your body. It’s a big bet — a major departure from what the competition is doing — and that bet will be released sometime in 2006. But we don’t need to wait until then to see if they’ve got the right idea. If you listen closely, you can hear Nintendo being proven right at this very moment, through wailing guitars in living rooms all over. The sounds of Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero, released earlier this month, quickly sold out all over NYC and online. Combining the unusual yet familiar guitar controller and the addictive gameplay of forerunners Guitar Freaks and Frequency, the latest from Harmonix is a home run in terms of fun, accessibility, and (let’s hope) long term sales. A radical new controller that makes games accessible indeed.

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If You See a Suspicious Package

Get your express ticket to Gitmo here! Chalk graffiti master James De La Vega‘s in-your-face confrontation of the futility of our anti-terrorism policies takes over the sidewalk in the East Village. Thoughtful, funny, terrifying. Love it.

Find a narrative exploration of subway paranoia at Press Action, some previous micro-coverage, and see the ads that started it all on the MTA site

photo via jellisvga

The Real Rosa

We often see Rosa Parks presented as an unassuming woman who simply had enough and courageously took matters into her own hands on that fateful day in 1955. While the importance and magnitude of her actions can’t be understated, it’s also clear that Rosa was a much more complex and interesting character than the prevailing mythology would have us believe. On the Media recently unpacked the myth quite nicely. Some highlights…

  • Rosa was best friend of and secretary for E.D. Nixon, the most significant black political figure in Montgomery and head of the NAACP at the time of the boycott.
  • Rosa had been an activist for 13-14 years and routinely defied segregation on buses prior to her arrest.
  • Several other black women had been arrested on busses within the year prior to Rosa’s arrest but they weren’t quite right for having a boycott around. Black leaders were waiting for just the right person.
  • In the late 1960s, Rosa became a black nationalist and was a great admirer of Malcolm X. Among other things, she delivered the eulogy at black power icon Robert F. Williams’ funeral.
  • Rosa said in her autobiography that she never believed in non-violence and she, in fact, kept guns in her home to protect her family.

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