Facing Darwin

Everyone knows the Toronto Raptors had an impressively horrible start to the season, setting a new franchise record with 9 straight losses. And, as if for good measure, they’ve followed that astonishing opening with a consistent 30% win record, enough to anchor the league (alongside Atlanta and Charlotte). This poor record was recently punctuated as the Raps provided Kobe a flatfooted foil in his assist-free quest to top Wilt’s 100 point game. Sadly, Kobe’s 81 points weren’t injury enough. Some sports pundits were kind enough to argue that, beyond the fact that the Raptors aren’t near great, greatness isn’t even possible in their vicinity:

Question: Was this the greatest individual performance in NBA history?

Ken Shouler, ESPN.com NBA historian: No. The word “great” is context dependent. The greatest performance in NBA history can’t come against Toronto in January.     Daily Dime

True, but ouch. Then again, you might have seen this coming back when the Raps traded Vince Carter for, oh, nothing in particular. Now that’s skills.

Thankfully (for all 12 people still paying attention north border ball) some sweet mercy was handed down today as Raptors GM Babcock was launched into deep space where he belongs. It comes at least a season late, but better late than never when Canadian basketball is facing extinction, eh?

images grabbed from spielbergfansite and thestar (with apologies to jose)

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