Psychedelia Grows Finns

A sound heavily influenced yet utterly new, using everything from traditional instruments to wind up toys to electronics. Uncategorizable. Finnish folk psychadelia bends convention and the results are gorgeous, disturbing, thought-provoking, dream-inducing.

David Garland was kind enough to piece together live recordings of a number of artists in this emerging style over the past several months and thow it on the airwaves. The audio just became available online today. Listen. It’s worth it.

Of particular interest is Jonna Karanka’s Kuupuu (first on the show). Her improv piece is otherworldly and familiar in the same instant. It almost seems as if she takes sounds we understand and folds them in on themselves. Uncommonly good.

For more on the featured artists visit Spinning On Air and read more about the Finnish Psych Folk scene at Pitchfork.

image grabbed from mixoftheweek

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