Feel the Funk

Geox ads freak me out. I mean it’s a great idea to have clothes that breathe and all, but these shoes appear to be forcibly expelling huge quantities of noxious with every single step. Note to Geox: Anyone who sweats enough to eject this amount of fluid from their feet has more problems than you can solve with a shoe. And they need to keep it in their shoes, too.

The approach is clearly working, though — Geox is super profitable compared to similar shoe companies. And they recently opened a 6000 sq ft store on Madison Ave. Apparently, pointing out that feet generate 100 liters of sweat a year pays dividends. Spray on.

Want more freakout? Watch a kid’s feet jump off and run away because of his raunchy kicks. For more on the (actually fairly interesting) company, check this brief history.

image grabbed from the geox mothership

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