Pastels and Army Boots

Crate diving in the West Village is the perfect way to spend a slacker afternoon. Every once in a while, you find the rare record that makes all the effort worthwhile. And comedy relief on the way to the promised land is kindly provided by musical awfulness on a biblical scale, with cover art to match. Case in point, this fine late 80’s offering from Joe Franz: Bronx Vice.

To be fair, I haven’t actually heard the record. Still, Joe’s recasting of Miami with the Bronx, palm trees and neon with dilapidated buildings, and pastels and loafers with a black trenchcoat and army boots is too classic to turn down. At least he got the sportscar right. Oh, and note the street name. Hurts, don’t it?

Catching a few reruns of Miami Vice on Sleuth, it’s clear the epicenter of 80’s hipness hasn’t aged particularly well, either. So I suppose we can forgive Franz’s foray into blase mainstream pandering so long as he someday treats us to a similarly righteous comeback.

photo via jellisvga

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  1. 1 dj-starrkid


    today i ordered the record from Joe Franz -Bronx Vice-, nice track for my opinion. I was wondering if you have more obscure old school rap 12″ stuff from back in the 80’s? maybe we can share some infos or even trades and so on.

    please let me know i live in germany
    peace out

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