Seen recently in Chelsea, Nancy Dwyer’s multidimensional woodcut words had us at hello. A friend with synesthesia once told me she would see certain words (misspelled, highly active) literally bulging and exploding out of the printed page. Walking into this exhibit, I felt I might finally have some idea of what she saw.

A good half of the pieces seem like they could have been inspired by the dynamic verbiage seen so often in graffiti. Others (like Deep 1) feel more structured, more architectural. It’s gorgeous stuff, even moreso in person. You want to reach out and touch it and, with the sole shopkeep sequestered in an office, who knows — we may have done just that.

Sadly, the show is done. (Do I have a habit of catching the last day of these things or what?) But there’s lots to see at the gallery site and even more at If you do happen down West 22nd, there’s still time to get stacked and miniaturized.

photo via jellisvga

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