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Extinction Level Events

bunny extinction theory number A

It seems like every few weeks lately another piece of art surfaces that features rabbits being taken down. Hard. We’ve seen them eaten, pummeled, and chased by afro-wielding ducks. Now a new pint of hare hateorade comes to us courtesy of Jason Sho Green. Subject to interpretation, but it clearly involves rabbits being knocked out by a chainsmoking drunkard (via button-press to the skull) and shoveled underground by a bulldozer that’s all smiles. No leporidae love lost. (view full size)

Sadly, I’m really not the biggest rabbit fan myself (the beady eyes and constant spasms get to me). But Jesus, people! Can’t we all just get along?

For more, see the catalog of Jason’s gorgeous, freaky work at Particularly love his twisted valentines. Those lucky enough to be in LA can see this stuff in person.

Jet Fumes and Frosted Flakes

I woke up this morning to the sound of a large plane flying extremely low over my apartment in the Upper West Side. That was around 9am. I didn’t see that plane, but saw the shadow on my wall and the 6 fighters that tailed it. For about a half hour, planes that looked like transports flew low over the neighborhood and fighters circled. Spooky as hell. Speculation flew about the midterm elections. (This is the UWS after all.) The shot above was taken from our window around 9:45, after the fighters had fallen into formation around one of the transports.

Apparently, it’s part of Fleet Week to scare the shit out of New Yorkers. Who knew? Honestly, it was an impressive display once we realized we weren’t under attack. Guess that’ll teach me to sleep past 9, eh?

Update: Gothamist posted my panicky email (it’s the second one). Glad I’m not the only one who needed fresh shorts.

Hand Drawn, Half Drunk

Maybe it’s the emotional rollercoaster my job has a wicked hot fetish for putting me through, but a recent gallery trip left me with a strong appreciation for David Kramer’s drawings and their running drunken commentary. There’s a kind of honesty here that you don’t always find in the ever-more-uppity Chelsea. Favorites include teach him to fish, pride in my work, less is more, and promise. A little cynical, sure. But also full of heart, social comment, and self-parody. Much more at Feigen Contemporary.

New York Folklore

Steve Jobs flicks off IBM in Midtown

I saw Andy Hertzfeld give an inspiring and uproariously funny talk at Google New York back in March, providing something of a director’s commentary for his fantastic book of Macintosh folklore. It went a good deal over time, but still felt way short.

The talk was a candid cutting-room-floor walkthrough — covering stories that were left out of the book, some because they were a bit too racy. A favorite of these was about Apple’s internal “contests” for breaking (yes, breaking) copy protection on newly released software so it could be freely distributed inside the company (about 45 minutes in). The climax involves Woz, floppy disks, a clothes iron, and Pierre Curie.

And, of course, my favorite image from the talk has to be Steve Jobs giving the finger (above and flickr) to the IBM building in Midtown Manhattan. The publisher begged Andy to include the photo, but he just couldn’t do it.

I had the great fortune of having dinner with Andy afterwards and found him just as humble and thoughtful in person as his stories might lead you to believe. The video of Andy’s talk is finally online. Highly recommended. As for what Andy’s up to now that he’s employed by Google, it appears to be anybody’s guess.


So gross, you can’t turn away. That pretty much describes the new spots for G4’s E3 coverage. Not kidding about the can’t turn away part, either. Hurts so good.

I love the spots because they treat E3 like the nauseating whore-o-rama it is rather than the mecca of infinite cool the industry would have us believe. I also love them because they are a very special kind of disgusting. There are four: Dog, Cheetah, Mosquito, and Hookah. Each is great, but the first has a special place in my heart.

Guilty party 72andSunny is also responsible for last year’s fabulous Bill Katt bowdown Believe It Or Not It’s E3. Let’s hope the trend continues.

Ancel Rides Again

Beyond Good & Evil was a wonderful game — from cleverly varied gameplay to fabulous soundtrack to characters you just can’t forget. It was painful, then, to watch it sink to the bottom of the ocean, never to be heard from again. After that debacle, it seemed certain that creator Michel Ancel would be out on the street. We all just waited for the other shoe to drop.

It was good news, then, to hear that he had been hand-picked by Peter Jackson to make the King Kong game. Considering Jackson’s golden boy status, the whole King Kong venture (movie, game, and everything else) seemed like a sure thing. So, when the movie underperformed and the game fell flat along with it (heck, ubisoft actively told us not to buy), it was clear that ugly had somehow managed uglier.

That’s why today it is particularly nice to see Ancel back in the saddle with Rayman. First glances might have you thinking it would be better for him take on something more ambitious than this suits-say-you-gotta return to his roots. But the screen shot hints that we may well be in for something quite special. I mean Rayman with an afro and sunglasses atop a tarantula chasing bunnies that look scared out of their wits? Oh yeah, this is the good stuff.

For more, see the fancy press release and don’t miss Edge’s article looking back at BG&E. Ancel was last scoped when BG&E hit.

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