Ancel Rides Again

Beyond Good & Evil was a wonderful game — from cleverly varied gameplay to fabulous soundtrack to characters you just can’t forget. It was painful, then, to watch it sink to the bottom of the ocean, never to be heard from again. After that debacle, it seemed certain that creator Michel Ancel would be out on the street. We all just waited for the other shoe to drop.

It was good news, then, to hear that he had been hand-picked by Peter Jackson to make the King Kong game. Considering Jackson’s golden boy status, the whole King Kong venture (movie, game, and everything else) seemed like a sure thing. So, when the movie underperformed and the game fell flat along with it (heck, ubisoft actively told us not to buy), it was clear that ugly had somehow managed uglier.

That’s why today it is particularly nice to see Ancel back in the saddle with Rayman. First glances might have you thinking it would be better for him take on something more ambitious than this suits-say-you-gotta return to his roots. But the screen shot hints that we may well be in for something quite special. I mean Rayman with an afro and sunglasses atop a tarantula chasing bunnies that look scared out of their wits? Oh yeah, this is the good stuff.

For more, see the fancy press release and don’t miss Edge’s article looking back at BG&E. Ancel was last scoped when BG&E hit.

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  1. 1 Jose

    I can’t see how making a tidy profit (U$300,000,000 aprox) can be considered “tanked”… (production budget = $200 million, worldwide gross = $550million).

  2. 2 Jason

    Yeah, I suppose tanked might be a little strong — I’ll change it to underperformed. Still, Hollywood tends to judge the success of movies based on profits in the US alone and the average promotional costs for a movie like King Kong (not disclosed on the site) would add another $50-100 mil. So, it didn’t break even state-side.

    For a tanker nobody can dispute, recall Michael Bay’s modern classic The Island.

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