Extinction Level Events

bunny extinction theory number A

It seems like every few weeks lately another piece of art surfaces that features rabbits being taken down. Hard. We’ve seen them eaten, pummeled, and chased by afro-wielding ducks. Now a new pint of hare hateorade comes to us courtesy of Jason Sho Green. Subject to interpretation, but it clearly involves rabbits being knocked out by a chainsmoking drunkard (via button-press to the skull) and shoveled underground by a bulldozer that’s all smiles. No leporidae love lost. (view full size)

Sadly, I’m really not the biggest rabbit fan myself (the beady eyes and constant spasms get to me). But Jesus, people! Can’t we all just get along?

For more, see the catalog of Jason’s gorgeous, freaky work at youyesyou.net. Particularly love his twisted valentines. Those lucky enough to be in LA can see this stuff in person.

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