The words “make love, not war” sit below this image on the cover of this week’s Village Voice. It had me standing there with my mouth hanging open. Not so much because they went there but because it’s commentary on so many levels: from Cheney’s obvious daughter discomfort to that Iraq thing that’ll be over any minute now to a simple little constitutional amendment that’s not meant to distract us from anything at all. And of course there’s the super snug relationship between Bush and Darth Dick. This just takes it to the next level.

“Make love, not war” — perfect reminder for a duo that so completely rejects all the 60’s had to teach. The fact that the cover’s gonna offend all the right people don’t hurt, either. An archival Daily Show adds some nice comments.

I’m not the biggest traditional comic fan but Alex may yet get me to switch teams. His last Voice cover was brilliant, too.

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