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“This is living” proclaimed Sony’s European PS3 sloganeers, and they were quickly met with relentless lampooning. Not shocking considering it sounds like the punch line for a retirement community ad. Taken with the proposed price of $600, a friend recently suggested THIS IS EXPENSIVE! as a more content rich alternative. (see also)

Sony’s Euro PS3 site doesn’t do many favors, either. Overheard on IM: “Mouse over random dots and pray you hit the option you want. That’s living.” The one good thing to come out of this for Sony is that few have yet seized upon the equally content free US slogan: “Play Beyond.” Sadly for them, it’s only a matter of time. Play beyond what? Your credit limit?

All this begs the question: is a slogan even freaking necessary? Microsoft’s 360 launched fine without one (though they did their share of HD REVOLUTION chest beating). Nintendo seems to be mildly pushing “playing is believing,” but that actually makes a meaningful statement considering the new controller. Then again, even Nintendo’s meaningless slogans of yesteryear played better than Sony’s current. The industry was young and innocent then, wasn’t it? Maybe now it’s finally old enough that most everyone can smell the bullshit.

Of course, the slogan is only the most recent in a long line of Sony foot shooting incidents. Could it be that they’ve finally moved ahead of Nintendo’s Wii in the race to be next gen whipping boy prime? Sure seems that way. Could it be that fun is about to win out over hype, too? We can only hope.

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