If The Science of Sleep proves one thing, it’s that Michel Gondry is second only to Terry Gilliam in producing manic dreamlike imagery. From the cardboard cutout city to a swim through the night sky to an unruly electric razor, the film does an intensely clever job of confusing real and fantasy. It does it so well, in fact, that one is left wondering if Gondry doesn’t suffer from that exact condition.

As with most Gilliam movies, the plot doesn’t always quite follow. But who cares? The often hysterical situations, fabulously lo-fi production design, and lovably off-kilter characters (Stéphane and Stéphanie!) make it real hard not to adore the world Gondry creates.

And with a flick that remakes Back to the Future, The Lion King, and Robocop (among others) next in line, it’s clear that he’s got a whole lot more off-kilter where that came from. For more on that one, see The Hollywood Reporter.

Update: Just found out about the Gondry show at Deitch last month. Man, am I bummed I missed that. :-(

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