Pixar Models Ratatouille

Wandering through Design Life Now, I was shocked to see these Ratatouille maquettes (another angle) set in a wall alongside an army of better known Pixar properties. Most of the rest had been seen at MoMA’s Pixar exhibit back in 2005 (Cars was the mystery project then) but I believe these models of rat and culinary pals appear for the first time at the Cooper-Hewitt.

The pompous overstuffed chef, the skittish undersized chef, and R?my laughing all the way to the cheese chest. There were a couple others (including a giddily menacing chef) but the guards threatened bodily harm before I could grab those shots. Truly lovely stuff. Can’t wait to see Brad Bird (Incredibles, Iron Giant) back in the director’s seat!

Find more on the mouse at Wikipedia

2 Responses to “Pixar Models Ratatouille”

  1. 1 ratatuee

    Thanks for the sneak peak. It’s surprising to see these on display considering how secretive they’ve been about the characters in the movie.

  2. 2 Jason

    Glad you enjoyed it. I had exactly the same reaction when I saw the maquettes — felt like I was getting a bit of a peak behind the curtain. Looks like we may see even more backroom goodies in May when Chronicle publishes Art of Ratatouille.

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