Peking Panda Packs Pistol


Jīngjing likes bringing a gun to a knife fight. Jīngjing likes tossing his buddies into walls. And he doesn’t mind mixing baseball and rhythmic gymnastics, either. But then pandas have never quite had the best attitude, have they?

When we were in China we fell in love with Jīngjing and friends, known collectively as Fuwa — the Beijing 2008 Olympic mascots. All five of them are a great fun, particularly considering how stiff so many of the recent mascots have been (Izzy, anyone?). We brought a plush set stateside and seeing them daily just underscores the amount of thought that went into their design.

The best part, though, is how well they lend themselves to the olympic events…and gangland showdowns. (If only Jīngjing would hold that gun gangsta grip.) By the way, do you think Beijing having five mascots has anything to do with the fact that Nagano had four? I sense a Far East stuffed animal arms race in the making.

Find more on the Beijing’s good luck dolls at Wikipedia and have a look down the wicked strange olympic mascot memory lane. Now let’s hope Fuwa don’t see many more freakish fairy tale outbursts.

5 Responses to “Peking Panda Packs Pistol”

  1. 1 Aparna Pappu

    hahaha could Izzy be any lamer? these pandas look like they could kick Izzy’s butt back to whatever low-budget-fuzzy-animal-factory it came from.

  2. 2 Jason

    Totally. Whoever came up with Izzy should be fired. Twice!

    Believe it or not, only the one with the pistol is actually a panda. The others are a fish, antelope, bird, and an olympic flame. Weird, no? We were sure they were all pandas until we dug up some details. I guess they decided to make them all look vaguely panda-like because they want to cash in on our unconditional panda love? Confusing! But, hey, cuteness trumps. :-)

  3. 3 kieauntee

    what is this doing on rosa parks page

  4. 4 sandy

    the panda dosent hurt anyone look at this website

  5. 5 sandy

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