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Paprika star Chiba Atsuko

The past week saw a good deal of serious and a good deal of fun. Buy(Less)Crap hit both, giddily busting up BonOprah’s Product (Red) with an anti-consumerist message. James Cauty worked the ironic angle, putting a happy face on Iraq war images (quite literally) in his Operation Magic Kingdom. Adbusters-worthy material both.

We got two views of Africa: one from inside and one from out. Ghanaians were showing Africa can do cool Web 2.0 projects with Semapedia, but the folks who made the posters for the Africa-China summit managed to put Africans straight back in the jungle.

And the video highlight of this year’s Game Developer’s Conference seemed to be LittleBigPlanet (it’s fly), but my video highlight of the week has to be the lovely surreal trailer for Tokyo Godfathers creator Satoshi Kon’s new film, Paprika. Due in June, but who can wait? Grab some tracks to hold you over.

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  1. 1 Justin Ruckman

    Jesus, Paprika looks insane. Thanks for the link.

  2. 2 Jason

    Totally. I have no idea what it’s about but the level of visual invention looks really high. Tokyo Godfathers managed to be visually clever and had fantastic characters so I’m hoping Paprika takes it to the next level.

  1. 1 Paprika // Centripetal Notion

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