Graffiti Gold, Kids Get Shot, Boots on Fire

Street Art, Sweet Art installations

On the week, you gotta be infatuated with the photos coming out of the (unfortunately named) Street Art, Sweet Art show in Milan. Wooster picked up a fantastic rabid rabbit (or dog?) under bridge in Vienna, too. And Minnesotan street artist Deuce, whose work has been catching many a sideways glance on NYC streets of late, went big time on the cover of the Village Voice (pics).

Photoblog favorite Raul Gutierrez shot kids in Songpan and hit three home runs in a row (one, two, three). Crayola tossed out a kid imagination filled spot for its new color explosion pens. Oh, and don’t miss Être et Avoir (To Be and to Have), a completely charming documentary about a one-room schoolhouse in rural France. Released in 2003 but only on 14 screens stateside; it deserves a good deal more attention than that.

I just can’t stop laughing at the Russian power boots (pics). Particularly the bit about the missed opportunity of selling the 22-mph gas powered, ankle-strapped pogo sticks to the public. No time like the present, people! I’d love to see the lawyerspeak scrawled on the back of that box.

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    excelentes grafitis y pinturas…..te invito a visitar mi

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