Wii vs. Your Teeth

Seen in a recent demo session at work, these Wiimote plaque removers had me smiling on sight. When the creators controlled a game by brushing their teeth with them, though, I spit out my drink. Welcome to Wii Oral Sports.

The game (shot here) involves keeping your character alive in a perilous fish tank. Only by brushing your teeth with the correct motion and making sure to cover every last tooth can you escape harm. The idea, of course, is that kids don’t do the greatest job of dental care so anything that helps them avoid rabbid tooth is goodness. Some might complain the game has little to do with the real-world task but that just earns extra charm points in my book.

Heck, they even showed playing improves brushing behavior in an experiment. Once the game was taken away, though, bad habits returned. We all know what the solution to that one is, don’t we? Wii for everyone! Nintendo needs to get on the stick.

The demo was titled “Lifestyle Ubiquitous Gaming: Making Daily Lives Fun” and shown as part of PerComm 2007. It was built by a bunch of folks from the Distributed and Ubiquitous Computing Lab in Tokyo.

For more unlikely tooth defense techniques, witness the Cavity Creeps.

9 Responses to “Wii vs. Your Teeth”

  1. 1 Justin Ruckman

    Whoa. Though I’m skeptical how well it could actually tell if you’ve covered all your teeth.

    Kids today though … we’ll be lucky if people 50 years from now will even be able to fall asleep without electronic assistance.

  2. 2 Jason

    Yeah, I was a bit skeptical, too, but they wouldn’t let me stick it in my mouth. What’s up with that? ;-)

    Kids these days indeed. Not long before going gadgetless becomes a recognized sign of mental instability.

  3. 3 Justin Ruckman

    Not long before going gadgetless becomes a recognized sign of mental instability.


  4. 4 Fourspace

    Now we’ll end up with a bunch of kids with worn out gums because they played this game 5 hours a day.

    It is possible to overbrush -> http://www.deltadentalmi.com/oralHealth/overbrushing.htm

  5. 5 DeadlyRed

    Yes, blame the children for the things the ADULTS are making for us. Wonderful. We didnt ask for it. Hell I can brush my teeth plenty well on my own, but really, if there was something to liven it up a bit, thatd be cool. But its not necessary.

  6. 6 sam

    I wrote a paper ok distracting you g patients who find brushing boring and looked in to brushing ‘games’. Unfortunately I found they resulted in a much hegher than average rare of abrasion lesions as the patient, aiming to ‘win’ would find the most effective stroke to win and repeat it over and over. This was back in the 90’s so I’m sure this system could be programmer to prevent this.

  7. 7 sam

    My previous post was written on a cell phone, please excuse the auto correct typos.

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