Climate, Cultured, Colors

This week, climate change pulled up the drive as Toyota got culture jammed at the New York Auto Show. London and Tokyo went underwater when Second Lifers demonstrated the results of a world gone hot. And Worldchanging did a quite nice review of small-scale NYC housing that respects the environment.

Latinos got backup as Geraldo went unsensational and laid down the law on Bill O’Reilly with (shocking) sincerity. A thoughtful ad from Saatchi & Saatchi pointed out that human traficking is the new slavery. The lighter side features a mock ad that manages to be both hysterical and deep with a bit of demographic oversight (wait for it). And black people unite to define home court advantage in the funkiest gym in America.

Photowise, I’m blown away by a beautifully monochrome shot of Saturn from the Cassini Orbiter and brought back to earth by 3 kids working the camera in Mumbai. Montréal’s Blue Girl is fly, but my favorite bit of the week has to be the colorful new Guardian ads — gorgeous stuff now up on London streets.

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