Special Effects, Ben Gets Board, Pixel Jam

Nicolas Provost remixes Kurosawa’s Rashomon to stunning effect in Papillon D’Amour. I’m still going gaga for Azul De Corso’s uniquely Argentinean illustrations. On the flip side of quality are the hysterically bad special effects straight outta Bollywood. And speaking of special effects, Incredibles director Brad Bird lays down the law in a fascinating, passionate hourlong interview.

Uncle Ben got elected chairman of the board, but still doesn’t seem to have a last name. CNN (of all places) provides a thoughtful overview of the state of film in Africa (it’s after the brief previews of Spiderman 3, Half Nelson, and Lives of Others). Also in Africa (and Afghanistan) is this cleverly well produced International Rescue Committee ad that converts their work into a mechanical coin-op game. Does it make what they do easier to understand or belittle it?

On the street, I adore Skull and Bones Bush both for its overt Mr. Yuck go near it and die commentary and its more subtle reference to the freaky disturbing Order of Skull and Bones (aka Brotherhood of Death) that all the rich and powerful Yalees (like Bush) seem to have been members of.

And the culture jam of the month has to go to Jason Eppink’s Pixelator, which executes a takedown on those obnoxious Clear Channel displays. Nice of him to provide build instructions and a hat tip the MTA and Clear Channel as (laughably unknowing) collaborators, too. Hi-fi to lo-fi with beautiful results.

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