Colors to Reality

Regular readers know we love clever colors and social activism. You’ll find a mix of both in this week’s five…

Uniqlo Explorer makes big images out of pixelated products to give a giddily random take on catalog navigation. The transitions rock. (via Veer)

Under the River – Jake braves oncoming trains to find out what lies beneath Riverside Park and finds the history of graffiti lit like a gallery: “skylight grates every twenty or thirty feet create sun-lit exhibition spots.”

Calcutta Dream
– Akshay captures a crumbling, vibrant worker’s cooperative turned coffee house in India. Richly beautiful.

Remains of Chernobyl – thought provoking Red Cross ads put everyday activities in an extraordinary locale. Shot in the shadow of the reactor.

Iraq on a Napkin – a fictional but heartfelt account of life as an Iraqi living in the occupation, courtesy of Esquire’s fabulous Napkin Fiction Project.

2 Responses to “Colors to Reality”

  1. 1 Aparna Pappu

    Thank you for those links.
    I loved looking at the Calcutta coffee house pics reminds me of the Coffee Plantation Board’s coffee house in bangalore. Its probably demolished and replaced by some yuppie hang out by now – I think this was the place Yann Martel starts his Life of Pi story in.

  2. 2 Jason

    Glad you enjoyed them! Wow, it sounds like Bangalore is rapidly changing — really a double edged sword there. Life of Pi, huh? I didn’t realize this place was so famous!

    By the way, if you’re looking for more India memories, Suketu Mehta (Maximum City) and Pico Iyer were recently on WNYC talking about India and being global citizens with Glocal Writing.

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