Evidence From the Future

Future environment. This week found us with nervous front row seat for the day the oil runs out. Clever designers found the future of design in projects for the poor at the Cooper-Hewitt. And Manhattan’s floating farm showed us how future generations might live with zero ecological footprint.

Future adults. Kids always give a glimpse of tomorrow and Dave Nightingale proved the point with his stunning still motion tumbleshot. But if you’re going to pick a future kid, you gotta go with the prodigy of a 4-year-old drummer from Mali.

Future art. We love how street art captures the past and the future at once. Like this abandoned hospital cum graffiti haven in San Francisco. Or the gorgeously overwritten Gompers middle school in LA (kofie and seak in particular). And we’re fascinated by the way the Global Graffiti Exchange lets writers re-imagine each other.

Lastly, don’t miss Joe’s dreamlike photo of summer’s edge, shot in the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic.

image via anarchosyn

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