Warrior Wardrobe Malfunction

Golden State Warriors phenom Baron Davis’ inner Artist came out last night when he wore a weird-ass flight jacket to the postgame press conference. Was he bummed that the Utah Jazz just pulled the plug on his postseason? Hard to tell since his wardrobe malfunction made him look ready to party like it’s 1999. Too bad it’s 2007, eh?

Via e-mail: I had heard rumors of him having an affair with President Musharraf, but this just proves it!!

2 Responses to “Warrior Wardrobe Malfunction”

  1. 1 Candice

    did he ever say? fashion statement or dumbass?

  2. 2 Jason

    No idea. The part of the interview I saw was all about the game, not his attire. I wish someone had asked. Maybe his fashion consultant was playing a joke on him?

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