Opposites Attract

It’s all about opposites. Strong contrasts can be disturbing or they can be beautiful. This week, we’re inspired by a little of both.

Kirk as Art – In the Star Trek days, Bill Shatner was uniformly despised by his colleagues for being an “arrogant, egotistical, line-stealing showboater.” These days, Billy seems perfectly happy to be mocked for kicks. Heck, he’s almost likable now. So, it’s fitting that an art show would showcase work that comically captures the very different life stages of the Transformed Man.

Black and White – What happens when a white girl brings a black guy home to dinner? Is it really that different from 20 years ago? NPR chronicles jungle fever in pop culture. And, oh yeah, Shatner is responsible for the first back/white kiss on TV. Figures, don’t it?

Gay America – Contrasting gay pride flag and American flag in Park Slope. Lovely shot from Joe during Pride Week asks how far the the country has come to accepting a biological truth.

Rich Poor Gaming – Video of Chinese workers, who play World of Warcraft 12 hours a day for 25 cents an hour to gather gold for sale — alongside their far richer western counterparts who might play the same amount of time but do it for fun. Rich man’s game, poor man’s living.

Street Art Iran – Artists respond to an oppressive, controlling regime with some beautifully illegal art. Opposites react. (via mefi)

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