Twisting What You Know

We were taken aback by unexpected transformations of things we take for granted this week — from a soccer player to border fences to the film industry and more.

Molecular Man – Things come together for just an instant in this stunning Adidas spot. 1stAveMachine produces the best motion work we’ve seen all year. (via the antenna)

Border Breaking Technology – Repurposed border fence becomes a slide at the US/Mexico border, transforming structures that divide into structures that unite. And Subtopia hit again this week with another border crossing in beautiful, crushing shots of the no-mans-land between Gaza and Israel.

American Film Bullsh*t – Happy to see a critic with enough guts to call craps on the AFI’s new 100 best movies: “Riiiight — as if you really need another list, however democratically assembled, that leaves out David Lynch, John Cassavetes, the Maysles Brothers, the Coen Brothers and offers one film made by a black director and no films made by women.” Preach on!

Small Planets – Often fabulous miniature planets built from warped panoramic photos. (via daily dose)

Uniqlock – Totally wicked, totally strange clock with unlimited dance moves from Uniqlo Japan. Another chapter in the extra creative flash tradition that Uniqlo Explorer began.

images via 1stAveMachine

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