Blackface Goes HD? The Case of Resident Evil 5

OK, we all know zombies gotta die. And I loved Resident Evil 4. So why do these early images from the next installment of the Resident Evil franchise make me so queasy?

After all, in RE4, you spend the game shooting equally out-of-their-mind Spaniards. But, then, the Spanish haven’t been so egregiously misrepresented as blacks through the ages, have they? Not even close.

From Birth of a Nation to Black Hawk Down, black folk are apparently responsible for some of the most mindless and evil activities you got. Rape, murder, satanic voodoo. With bulging eyes, simian super strength, and a room temperature IQ, we’ve been portrayed as savages beyond redemption. So, when we see images like these, it doesn’t just resonate with the long lived zombie genre, it also triggers memories of so many awful stereotypes — and what those stereotypes have been used to justify past and present. Put down the crazed negroes before they take the white women! And so on…

But perhaps the most troubling part is that these scenes seem to be set in Africa; the “dark continent.” With all the positive steps being taken of late to raise awareness of the good things happening in Africa as well as the urgent need in some parts of the continent, we really can’t afford this kind of step back. We need to find ways to humanize Africans, not dehumanize them.

George Romero’s genre-defining 1968 film Night of the Living Dead is often read as a black empowerment tale. It’s ironic, then, that 40 years later, the preeminent zombie franchise appears poised to give us just the opposite. If LocoRoco’s Mojas were a kind of high tech blackface, Resident Evil 5 takes blackface into the HD era. It’s horror alright, just not the kind Capcom intended.

Find more history of black characters in games at The First 11 Black Videogame Stars. And the full trailer for RE5 at Gamersyde.

 Follow-up post Race in Games: Culture, Context, and Controversy

Thanks to those who have posted thoughtful responses. My main concern here is really for the perception of black countries. Over the years, many of them have been portrayed as uncivilized and recently a good deal has been done to change that thinking (particularly in Africa). But there’s still a lot more work to do.

I do understand the characters presented in the trailer are zombies. Still, I find the proximity of those zombies to old school long lived black stereotypes alarming. And that’s what my post is about.

So, perhaps the deeper question is: How are black countries and those who live in them portrayed in games now? How have they been portrayed in the popular media and movies? Is it on par with other peoples and places in the world? If so, maybe it is time for a game like this. If not, then how do we respond?

Note to commenters: I will delete your comment for name calling or generally being obnoxious. I will not delete your comment for disagreeing with me.

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  1. 1 me

    so, let’s see…we have had 4 main resident evils and countless spinoffs so far, and in each one, all the zombies were white
    now ONE resident evil with black zombies is coming out and you freak out
    after resident evil 5 things will look like this:
    resident evil series white people killcount: 2 million
    resident evil black people killcount: approximately 500-1000
    JESUS, GIVE ME A BREAK! this is so ridiculous, i couldn’t hear any spaniards complaining about the ganados in resident evil 4 being spanish…or any other people about the white zombies in the approximately 500 resident evil main series and spinoff games
    actually, i find it highly discriminating that there were no black zombies in the games so far…you guys have the same right to become infected and get shot in the face as we do….

  2. 2 Karo

    I think the main question should not be if it is acceptable to create a game where you happen to shoot a lot of black people due to its specific setting. Rather, we should look at what exactly are the narrative techniques to represent those black characters.

    Are these techniques borrowed from racist representations of blacks? And if so, to what effect? The original poster mentioned ‘bulging eyes’ for example; the contrast between the dark skin and the white, rolling eyes is emphasized to make a scene more scary and the audience uncomfortable. If instances like these are to be found _then _ I’d call it racist. Instead of painting with a broad brush and generally speak out against a game set in Africa I would argue that it is more useful to analyse and point out specific instances of racist elements that consciously (unlikely) or unconsciously promote racism in a game that is not per se racist just because of the setting.

    Having said that it’s nice to discuss these things but eventually all it comes down to will be a bunch of teenagers and mid-twenties sitting in front of their TVs shooting black people. Oh, and the protagonist looks like a mercenary under contract by blackwater corp.

    I can see how this will eventually play out: There will be a ‘nice’ black sidekick whitewashing our collective consciousness accompanying the white muscular guy. And a last point: “Oh, he’s acting like a maniac because he’s infected!” apparently seems like a welcome plot device to shoot people and portray them differently. What an easy way out.
    Yes, I feel uneasy about this game too.

  3. 3 .......

    you guys do know this is JUST a game your arguing about…..

  4. 4 nomad425

    Just came up on this topic, so sorry I’m late.

    As a black man I’ve observered that its never so much what race the “villans” are as it is what the hero is. Many people have made the credible point that the highly acclaimed RE4 had us happily shooting spanish people, and many never raised a fuss. I think the problem I see is that while the role of the villans in many games enjoy a relatively diverse representation. The heros of the game are almost ALWAYS white. Hence the problem is usually not that blacks, hispanics, etc are portrayed negatively, but that no matter the race white people are killing everyone. This creates alpha-male/top of the food chain image of white people (white men mostly) that doesn’t sit well with many people of color that observe it.

    My question to you guys: Would RE2 be as idolized as the “best” in the series if the officer, Chris, was black? If your HONEST personal opinion is yes, then you need not even worry about this discussion.

  5. 5 Danielle

    “H& machine”: that was f-ing hilarious

    Before even discussing the meaty “race issues,” I think it’s really important to note for all that think we’re jumping the gun and pulling the race “card” (thanks for trivializing our -yours included- history btw) it’s good to critique what you care about… in fact, it’s probably more important to think critically about what you love than for other things.

    A critique is not the equivalent of a personal attack!

    The reason people are up in arms about the portrayal of these black Africans (do we even have a theoretical country here or are we still referring to Africa as a country and not a continent?) is that these images have a history! If anyone doubts this, please look up images of the Soweto riots (which have been mentioned many times over) in South Africa. Or take a minute to wikipedia stereotypes and learn a little about the history of black being perceived as dangerous.

    THAT is why people are particularly offended by RE5, because it’s taking history and turning it on it’s head. It’s taking imagery that recalls villagers protesting the inhumanity of colonization and makes it look like THEY’RE the ones who are dangerous. Notice that to date no black Africans have any meaningful, positive role in the game. Their eyes are in shadows and tend to be characterless, just a bunch of bodies to rip into. It eradicates any sense of connection we may have to these bodies as having been people at one point (slavery, anyone?), negating and effectively denying the desolation of what it’s like to live under the incredibly stress of colonization and glorifying the white outsider as the man on a mission. Consider that Christian missionaries in Africa played a huge role in the process of colonization as well.

    Is it hard to see why, then, some people are offended?

    Understand that as humans we are so incredibly and utterly visual…sometimes this fact is so apparent, so mundane, that it is easy to overlook. It becomes easy to forget the power images have over our thoughts and beliefs until we see something as beautiful as the graphics in say RE5. And for those of us who love art and all things visual it is such a terrible blow to see our visual culture bombarded with images that are not made by people who look like us but rather tell us that people who have brown skin are scary and bad and ugly and stupid. Can you imagine if this were the reverse, how that would feel if people who looked like you were constantly reduced to violent, angry “others”…. how difficult is it to sympathize with someone who you have nothing in common with? How easy is it to dislike someone you don’t understand? How easy is it to hurt someone you dislike?

    How easy is it of us to love a game without considering what it’s actually about? Furthermore, how often is the easiest thing to do the right thing to do?

    I hope more people voice their dissatisfaction with the way Capcom has decided to do business.

    thanks you so much for posting, it’s good to get people talking!

  6. 6 .:BrazBlack:.

    Has anyone ever stopped to think that the fact of creating a controversy about racism is racism?
    Racism is not only the white, but also in the black.
    Also when the black to white, and there is also racism.
    Whereas in the history of “RE” has white and Latinos (for example) is now the turn of blacks, may be to demonstrate equality and not be racism.
    Showing that blacks are equal to whites and Hispanics the same way and that the law is equal including the zombies are equal among all other rights that are equal because they are human and color of the skin is only details that people who create these controversies that are matter of not letting racism die …

    What good is very clear: while Latinos killed, had no problem; killed when whites also had problems …
    Now, why is black racism?
    Please …
    It is the black racism also if he wants to be unique and be excluded from list of races that were already zombies.
    Only the fact feel that racism is when it imposes on them, and do not accept that are already is racism.

    And pay attention, because I am Latino and Black!
    And my wife is white.
    I do not come with racism on behalf of a game.
    Create environment hell is easy, the difficult thing is ending the devils and diabolical.

  7. 7 Snipefan

    Seriously the black people in the poor environment of RE5 is comparable to the Spaniard in the poor environment in RE4.

    Seriously with the new trailer that came out of when you will shoot the head of that black zombie there will be a chance of the tentacles like in RE3 Look closely to the new trailers so clearly see the same tentacles as the gonado in RE4.

    So when you see a black or a white guy or girl(omg they have zombie girl lets call for sexism) with either a disease(not aids) or a parasite(not a colonic worm) that tries to kill you, should you not get a natural instinct of survival.

    And if you bunch of nubs who never played the game or know about the storyline(not the movies but the ingame story) would take a little some of you time to read or play about the games or the synopsis of them(i include the 5 cause capcom gave some story infos about it) you would just stfu and not care about whatever they do in the game.

    its a game a fictional environment its not real zombies and if i would happen to live in a place with zombies i give you my 2 cent that i would gear up myself like Chris Redfield in that game and i would carry my army suit and a gun to walk around

  8. 8 Honest

    I am not offended by the game. I understand that the lead character killed all types of zombies on different continents. I just do not like how the zombies look. The zombies’ faces had exaggerated stereotypical features. The game might have offended some black people easily, because of Blacks were sometimes portrayed negatively in movies, cartoons, and TV shows (behavior and looks). The history between the two races dealing with slavery and equal rights might come to people’s mind when they first watch the trailer.

  9. 9 Honorable Souls

    Unbelievable, Racism is still a touching subject in this world…./sigh

    I’m sure someone mention this earlier, but the display of Africa comes to no surprise, being that it is a Action/Horror the theme of the surroundings of the game should display some “dark and mysterious” feel to the game. I’m not saying Africa does it, but in the end- lets look at where some of the previous titles take place.

    RE0-U.S.-Developed country and yet the made up cities still had “Dark and mysterious” themes

    RE1- takes place right after 0, and in the same area (Racoon City), the mansion was “Dark and mysterious” (very, very mysterious in many ways, damned puzzles)

    RE2-took place right after RE1, and here we actually see what kind of town Racoon city really is, Developed… (saw that coming)

    other than maybe a few small details, Resident Evil has never portrayed itself to be Exactly like real life.Capcom has the right to display their game how they see fit, but i think the biased opinions needs to stop. Why did no one speak of RE4?

    and between the RE excluding the non story titles and RE4, their have been Black Zombies (OMG) ::Credibility/possible spoilers:: RE2- when Leon/Claire walk into the police station their is a black cop you talk to and he locks himself in the room so he won’t attack the living.::spoiler ends::

    In the end i can see where this is going (if anyone saw the new trailers). Black Country, White guy(s) as ruler, but that’s just end their.

    I’m done proving my point, but as a last thought, Racism should have never existed (unfortunately it does) but “Every single human that happens to get a job doing blogs like Kym Platt, and many others who are just straight biased. should talk about relevant subjects on Africa, or what ever it is your theme is; in the interest of the World.” I want to read unbiased, Fair opinions and so far this is not one to consider.

    RE5- is gonna be awesome!

  10. 10 CJ

    Alright, I have a lot of problems with what you just said. You claim that other zombies “haven’t been so egregiously misrepresented as blacks through the ages, have they? Not even close.”, yet there have been countless women zombies. Women are just as misrepresented. Black men had the right to vote before ANY woman did, black or white. So if we’re going to talk about any sort of oppression or negative image in the media or otherwise, it’s women. Women on television are usually nagging, overbearing, annoying housewives. Oh, yeah… that’s a real positive image.

    Secondly, the people in the village are NOT responsible for their actions. They’re acting on instinct, which is the virus affecting them. If you want to look for the real culprit of it all, look to the Umbrella corporation. Or better still, look at the main antagonist, Albert Wesker, who is responsible for most of the troubles of the protagonists. Albert Wesker, a white man. Chris is obviously just trying to protect himself so he can go save the infected, just like the same basic pattern in EVERY SINGLE RESIDENT EVIL GAME!

    And about the game’s setting- there are problems in EVERY country. I understand what’s going on in Africa right now, and I truly wish that everyone over there could just be left in peace. But that has absolutely nothing to do with the video game. It’s a fictional, alternate universe. End of story.

    Lastly, “Night of the Living Dead” is NOT a “black empowerment tale”. Ben is one of the only ordinary people who the story focuses around. If he’d been played by a white man, nobody would have paid much attention. I’ll admit, it was very refreshing to see a leading black man in that day and age, but it was by no means an “empowerment tale”. Ben as the character is simply an ordinary man. It was simply daring to cast a black man.

    Now what I’m most concerned about is why so many of the black community are crying out against this game, when half of them have never played a Resident Evil game in their life. All they see is color. Color has nothing to do with anything. The only difference between whites and blacks is the environmental adaptations. We’re all the same underneath. And what I’m seeing here is that underneath, everyone’s still afraid to see someone different, whether it be black or white.

    The reply to racism is not equal and opposite racism, but equality. The acknowledgment of differences and the subsequent disregard of them. I know that anyone who’s hell-bent on hating something can’t be swayed one way or the other, but you should at least have an open mind.

    And by the way, you realize of course that Capcom is a JAPANESE game company?

  11. 11 el Rey Cianuro

    “I do understand the characters presented in the trailer are zombies. Still, I find the proximity of those zombies to old school long lived black stereotypes alarming. And that’s what my post is about.”

    So what you’re saying is that black people are like zombies? You should really rethink what you are saying. “It’s a common misconception that black people are mindless cannibals.. They’re not.” If that’s what you’re trying to say, then thank you. Until you informed me of this, I had thought otherwise. I honestly can’t stand people like you. Thinking that everyone is trying to put you down for some reason or another.

    Sure, there are racist people out there. I’m sure that many black people go through a lot of sh*t throughout their lives because of racist b*stards. You’re just making it worse though. Because you feel the need to yell, “RACIST!” every time someone does something that involves a different race, particularly your own, you make yourself look racist.

    So yea, it’s because of racist people like yourself that cause racism to live on. Congratulations.

  12. 12 ninjack

    Damn, so many comments… Listen, this is a video game. Let me repeat that, a VIDEO GAME. Stop looking for ‘the message’ or claiming the game sends ‘the wrong message’ about blacks or Africa. Unless you seriously think that Mario, Star Fox, Final Fantasy or Halo have some how shaped how we think about other countries or races, then you’re being silly. The arguments against this game are simply ridiculous. Leave it alone, it’s a game, you play it for fun, because it is challenging. Yes, you kill black people. That’s not new. The main character is white. Not new. There are racial stereotypes about black men being savage like zombies. Ah good point, you are right. Instead of treating black people as equals we should ignore then in the video game culture or only portray them in a positive way, because all black people are good and nice. If we have any sort of made-up video game world were black people aren’t all perfect and good, then people will get mad. Let this die.

  13. 13 Low Frost

    Ninjack, as video games get grander in scale, situations like this with RE5 will become more common. That’s the trade off, as video games begin to leech off of real life more, real life issues will raise their heads, few so immediately divisive as racism.
    Most people still don’t even understand why claims of racism was made at to begin with, and the entire ordeal makes gamers as a whole look childish and immature, which further strengthens the standing of politicians when they decide to step on your pasttime.
    Is RE5 racist, or made with racist intentions? Unlikely. Was there thoughtlessness involved on part of a group that is far removed from international tribulations? I’ll wager yes. Remember, the initial reactions came from the first trailer, not the finished game. An international pr company would never of released the first trailer capcom’s Osaka group did, knowing full well what the repercussions would be. I hope Capcom fired somebody for letting this happen.

  14. 14 William barnes

    Oh my god, stop being so uptight! number 1 thing… IT’S A GAME! Why can’t African Americans drop this BS racism. Do you think your anything special over the Jew’s, Hispanics, Native Americans, Egyptians, Christians, or EVERY OTHER race that has been put through hell in there history. I’m not name calling, but your being pig headed thinking that this game was aimed at you or your race in any way, THEY ARE ZOMBIES AND THEY JUST SO HAPPEN TO BE IN AFRICA! Racism will never die with people like you keeping it around. Maybe I should march on the white house preaching about how all everyone poisoned my people with small pocks and forced us to live on plantations as well! How about the fact that there are only a few THOUSAND of us left because of this BS, and they still portray us as crazy scalp takers in video games. your not the one who should have a problem, or bitching about anything. Racism is such BS. I’ll tell you what I just got the game today, I’ll make sure to shoot a few extra just for you and everyone else who can’t get over there selves. IT’S IN THE PAST DROP IT! One more thing, no African American deserves a check for the whole slavery thing unless we all get one cause we’ve all been slaves at one point time. These people weren’t even a twinkle, in the twinkle of your ancestors eye when that shit happened why do you deserve anything? I’m not racist I love all races and wish this shit would just dye already. WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEING’S FOR THE LOVE OF JEBUS!

  15. 15 JP

    Holy hell, people- I cannot BELIEVE how many responses here insist that this game is in no way racist no way no how!

    Am I going to play it? Hell YES. Is it racist? ABSOLUTELY.

    If it’s not racist, then where’s my game where the black soldier goes to shoot a bunch of white zombies? Hasn’t happened yet.
    If it’s not racist, why don’t we know where in Africa this is supposed to take place? Seriously, I mean- that would be nice, since Africa is really big and full of vastly different countries, and all.
    If it’s not racist, then how come all the black people are all poor by Western standards? So we can feel superior?

  16. 16 darkgudda

    Not sure where the racist part is at. I am black and I love the game not a big fan of the series due to R1-3 did not like the control of turning around to get attackers from behind.

    Here is where i see the issue thats the wrong or old trailer shown so thats 1/2 truth. I have played the game and the more recent trailers show your partner an attactive war vetern black girl named Sheva who can be controlled in two player. But the game chemistry is you cannot leave her behind or you die, you cant complete quest without her some way you have to request her aid. Shes with you all the way thru. Shes just as capable of killing zombies like you.

    Also one of the sub bosses you fight is a Blonde Hair Blue Eye (hard to see eyes they are red with the virus) girl who is given the virus by another white guy. The zombies I attack are black, white, israeli etc.

    To the comment of Black Hawk Down, we have to understand all races commit crimes of destructive nature there is no perfect race. Black Hawk Down is good movie, what about the vietnam movies or WW2 movies would they be racist towards German, and Vietnamese even if we showed Hitler and the Germans getting killed in a game would that be racist towards Hitler?

  17. 17 fred

    what instantly comes to mind after reading about it and wathcing videos is actually not old stereotypes, though the game (which i admittedly haven’t played) does bring those up, but the AIDS CRISIS. Africa is being destroyed by AIDS while the world does nothing, a virus like this “zombie virus”, and some white people are coming in to “get rid of the problem”, that is pretty damn sick.

  18. 18 crypto

    We live in a time now where we don’t have to focus on race as much anymore to fight it. Racists are now the minority. But regardless of how society views race in general, there will always be racists. The only question is, are you one of them? And I believe that focusing on race constantly is one of the things that helps keep racism alive. And anybody who constantly focuses on race is a racist to some degree.

    “But, then, the Spanish haven’t been so egregiously misrepresented as blacks through the ages, have they?”

    All races have taken their licks when it comes to racism.

    “From Birth of a Nation to Black Hawk Down, black folk are apparently responsible for some of the most mindless and evil activities you got.”

    Ok, you need to make up your mind. Who’s making you angry? Japanese game developers or Hollywood? I read in an article where one of the producers of Resident Evil 5 said they chose Africa because of lighting and they wanted to show the origins of the virus. When wrong-doing is suspected the primary thing you’ve got to focus on is intent. What did the individual(s) intend by their actions? I don’t feel that Capcom intended to convey anything racist when they set RE5 in Africa. As a matter of fact, I heard they were quite surprised when they found out that some people viewed RE5 as being somewhat racist simply because most of the zombies were black. If you’re angry at Hollywood then I’m on your side, because nobody has done more to perpetuate racist stereotypes than Hollywood, but Hollywood doesn’t restrict their racist stereotypes to just blacks. They’ve done a great job of putting just about every race they can into a bad light. But, if you’re angry at the developers of the Resident Evil game series, I can’t be with you on that one. I’ve played every Resident Evil game out there and I have no evidence that the Resident Evil game developers are racist. Resident Evil 5 is not racist. Have you even played the game? You have two protagonists. One black (Sheva Alomar) and one white (Chris Redfield). In the game you are seeking out the villain, who happenes to be a white man named Albert Wesker, who is aided by a white woman named Excella Gionne, and you will sometimes be aided by a black man named Capt. Josh Stone. Most of the zombies are black, because this part of the saga takes place in Africa, but you will also see zombies that are Asian and Middle Eastern, because there are Asians and Middle Eastern people in Africa. Does that clear things up for you? Btw, ‘Black Hawk Down’ is a movie about an event that actually took place. Like I said, I don’t care for Hollywood or anything they create, but are you saying that Hollywood made up the story surrounding ‘Black Hawk Down’ because they wanted to spread more racist stereotypes about blacks, or are you just saying they’re racist because they told a true story? It’s not Hollywood’s fault some blacks in Mogadishu, Somalia went ape-sh!t and killed a bunch of white guys.

    “Rape, murder, satanic voodoo. With bulging eyes, simian super strength, and a room temperature IQ, we’ve been portrayed as savages beyond redemption.”

    I’ve played and finished Resident Evil 5 several times now and not a single part of the game made me think of any of those descriptions you just mentioned. Maybe it’s just you. Maybe that’s the way you view yourself. You really shouldn’t belittle yourself and your race so much. After all, it IS possible for a person to be racist against their own race. Trust me, I’ve seen it. Btw, voodoo is not satanic. Voodoo has it’s own set of rules and gods. Satan is a creation of ‘white’ religion. Satan and voodoo have nothing to do with each other.

    I would also like to know what you mean by “thoughtful responses”. When I give my mother a mothers day gift, that’s called being thoughtful. When you pull the race card on a video game, it’s developers, and anyone who might’ve actually liked playing the game, and then post it on the Internet, how thoughtful do you expect people to be? The only thing that should be expected of anyone is that they be as honest with everyone else as they are with themselves. So, I really don’t know what you expect from the people who have taken the time to read and reply to your post.

    Also, I would like to know what you mean by this:

    “The point, though, is that there are still a lot of disturbing images of black people floating around so some sensitivity is required.”

    It’s a game about killing zombies. How much sensitivity could you possibly expect? If you don’t like the game, don’t play it. And if you haven’t played the game, and are only criticizing it after watching little more than a trailer (which is bad in and of itself) then I suggest you play the game first before you comment on it. That’s like trying to write a review of a game when you’ve only watched the cutscenes. It’s just like when people criticize a song, a movie or a book. I would expect those people to hear it, watch it or read it first before they criticized it. If Resident Evil 5, and/or video games in general don’t interest you, then don’t trouble yourself. I know you think you’re only trying to promote racial tolerance, but I don’t view it that way. I think the only thing you’re promoting is censorship of entertainment that you don’t even indulge in yourself. That to me is more troubling than racism, because despite the fact that it’s morally wrong, it is still a person’s right to be racist. But what you’re doing is infringing upon the rights of freedom of speech, which is worse. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Say what you want to about any particular form of entertainment, in the end, what you’re doing will only amount to censorship of our entertainment and the abolishment of freedom of speech – two things that made our country great. The world doesn’t revolve around you and your wounded feelings. Get over yourself.

  19. 19 anthony

    Jason, just wanted to say that it took me over 4000 words of writing and a week’s worth of thinking to realize that you’ve got a valid point – while i don’t agree with the ‘blackface’ characterization, and while in my opinion the introduction of Umbrella’s (and Tricell’s) collection of viruses into West Africa (the birthplace of voodoo) makes for a perfectly creepy premise and setting, given the positive steps forward that so many of these countries (Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cote D’Ivoire) have taken in recent years it’s unfortunate timing on Capcom’s part to be dredging up this violent imagery for the sake of providing a backdrop for their videogame.
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  20. 20 crypto

    I like how responsive these ‘Residnet Evil 5 Is Racist’ bloggers are to the people who have taken the time to read and reply to their blogs. It’s almost like they’ve chosen to completely ignore those who don’t agree with them… and they call us ignorant (rolls eyes).

  21. 21 Killak3

    You and everyone who thinks this is racist is just crazy. It takes place in Africa and theres black people there. If it took place in Africa and there were white people i bet you would call it racist for not having black people in the game. Also the other games were mostly white people being killed

    And you say Black Hawk Down is racist? Its an event in history. That actually happened. We went to Somalia and fought black people. Not because there black but because of what was going on there. I guess just because it was in Africa we shouldn’t of went because of the color of their skin. Its based on what actually happened, relax. I guess we cant be historically accurate Also there is a scene of an African American shooting a Somalian.

  22. 22 Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    The OP’s main concern was as follows:

    -This game is just one more piece of media that shows us the “evil, savage” side of Africa. Very few movies in recent years actually portray Africa as positive, so things like that can alter people’s perception of Africa.

    Think of it this way: If movies were to start a trend of portraying America as a land propagated by everything we Americans are ASHAMED of, digging into the most heinous stereotypes associated with her people and her history, with no sign of stopping, how would you feel? Would it embarrass you to be constantly thought of as fat, stupid rednecks? How would that portray us for people abroad? Especially for young people?

    It’s not racist to portray black zombies, in my opinion, any more than it’s racist to portray any other ethnicity as a zombie. The racism comes from the insensitivity. It’s just one more negative portrayal of the “dark continent” to toss onto the pile. One more negative attribute people of color don’t need.

    White people aren’t offended by being portrayed as zombies because, in the end, where have whites traditionally been on the social ladder in America and the UK? Nobody is going to look at a zombie who was once a Caucasian man and subconsciously think to themselves, “that’s what they’re all like,” and then apply any “hilarious” stereotypes they can concoct where they feel they apply.

    This is like kicking someone when they’re trying to rise to their feet. We need more positive portrayals of people of color in the media to balance out the negative.

    Oh, and as a side note: This criticism doesn’t make me hate the game series. I’m not going to boycott video games foreverz. I love gaming, as I’m sure the OP does. I just don’t think anything is above scrutiny or examination.

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