Beauty, Race, Resistence

We love multicultural views and this week found us seeing the world in different shades of skin and different income brackets.

Kabul Fashion – gorgeous clothes light up a crumbling Afghan neighborhood

Hutongs Vanish – beautiful backstreet neighborhoods in Beijing are being bulldozed, poorer inhabitants sent packing

Whitewash – wrestling with using rich white Westerners to tell the stories of poor black Africans

Deliverymen’s Uprising – low pay, abusive employers, awful conditions, not anymore. Chinese and Mexican deliverymen draw a line in the sand.

When She Was White – a “black-looking” child born to white parents in South Africa is disowned, finds an empowering new life

2 Responses to “Beauty, Race, Resistence”

  1. 1 Aparna Pappu

    Thanks for those links. I was so irritated to read the poor tips that people were leaving for the delivery guy. I never understood the rationale of lower tipping for delivery. I mean this is the guy who has enabled you to be a slug on your couch saving you time, money and effort and you tip him less than a snooty watier who shows up every now and then and patronizingly says ‘How is everything, guys?’
    – umm we are not both guys, we are not your best friends and by everything i assume you mean the meal which is fair to middling. just making a point thats all.
    we always tipped the delivery guy at least 15% so those people on 85th between West End and RSD who are definitely earing a tonne more ought to give themselves a kick on the behind.

  2. 2 Aparna Pappu

    couldn’t see the video of the south african girl – CNN should just use Youtube or BrightCove or anyone other than themselves to stream video.

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