Ads Stop Making Sense

This week hit us with ads that either made no sense or were seriously suspect. Here’s a sampling:

Toyota Alien Apocalypse – who uses the violent end of the world to sell a truck? Here’s the answer. And ironic, too, considering the carbon footprint of those things. (via coloribus)

Farting Squrrel Saves World – end of the known world at hand? Nothing that farts (caused by the freaking product they’re trying to sell!) can’t cure. Clearly, we’re going to need these masks.

Ads Most Offensive – on a more serious note, NOW collects ads seriously offensive to women (and should be to the rest of us, too)

And a couple more for the road…

MoFrames – clever video collages show motion in a single image. The soccer bits are particularly spectacular. (via cplove)

Superhero Beatdown – lovely illustration of Superman and Batman getting what they had coming

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