Oddica: Clips from a Week Gone Strange

Rockwell Shocked

This week found us stumbling into all kinds of odd. But, then, we should have seen it coming after this first item out of India:

Flight to Nowhere – Indian entrepreneur sells virtual journeys on one-winged plane. Get all of the hassle of travel with none of the, well, travel.

Heavy Metal Collage – totally strange physical mashups of old school metal vinyl albums. Remix goes lo-fi. Playable, too. I bet it sounds like Jason Forrest.

Hazardous Future – three videos catalog bizarre future f*ckups. (First one is best, but give it a minute to get going.) And speaking of future strange, check these hysterical retro ads for modern products.

Cut Here – real streets turned into papercraft by a clever stencil

Innocence Industry – professor finds the dark side of Norman Rockwell and wonders why we feign shock over world events that shouldn’t be all that surprising

Night Refuge – unusually luminous wooden structure among the once supermodern, now decaying Shimodera Public Housing Complex in Osaka (click for enlargement)

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