Vietnamese Rule Reality

Hung Huynh Chloe Dao

Vietnamese Americans are taking over, man! And last night was the latest salvo. Hung Huynh’s culinary prowess torpedoed all comers as he won Top Chef Miami, stunning some of the toughest taste buds in the industry with an impeccably produced, culturally infused four-courser.

And last year, Chloe Dao wowed us with her thoughtfully composed collection at the world famous Fashion Week in NYC and beat down two talented guys to win Project Runway season 2.

Seems like Bravo might as well hang it up and admit that .5% of the US population is going to be responsible for just about 100% of the wins on their talent-based reality shows, eh? I can tell you that’s a good thing. After all, my wife is Vietnamese… and “she approved this message.”

Find more on the good and bad of winning Bravo’s competitions at New York Magazine’s The Near-Fame Experience. And get more Hung and Chloe.

2 Responses to “Vietnamese Rule Reality”

  1. 1 Terry Ng

    Don’t forget Tila Nguyen aka Tila Tequila is on MTV:

  2. 2 Jason

    Whoa! I’ve known about Tila for a while, but for some reason it didn’t register that hers was a reality show until I caught it tonight. Talk about breaking boundaries — a Vietnamese bisexual at the center of a well produced new property on a major network. Looks to be brining that business Flavor of Love started on VH1 to MTV. Okay, it’s a little sleazy but, hey, at least she comes off intelligent.

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