9rules Talking Heads Strike Comedy Gold


I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from the Superstream but, after last night, I’m a believer. What is the Superstream exactly? It’s 3 video feeds (one for each of the 9rules owners: Mike, Scrivs, Tyme) and a chat room for the rest of us. Were the triad like a lot of other dot com crews, the thing would be like watching paint dry (how can we drive shareholder value today?). Fortunately, they ain’t.

The conversation ranged from serious relationship talk to a broad variety of SxSW misbehavior to the mysterious opening and shutting of the door behind Mike and, oh yeah, exactly what orifice do the gold flakes in Goldschläger exit from, anyway? But mostly it had the ring of a group of friends blowing off steam after a long week. A bunch of seriously funny friends. Mike had the hysterical faces (and break dancing) on lock, Paul did filter free monologues (and twitters), and Tyme injected just enough sanity into the mix to make it all hold together. With the rest of us in the peanut gallery egging them on, it produced comedy gold. How do I know? Well, I tuned in at 11pm thinking I’d be done by midnight. Next time I looked up it was 2am. And my sides hurt.

If personality is king, the triad has it in spades. More of that, please.

Dates and times are hard to come by and announcements can happen minutes before the actual event but, if last night is any guide, keeping an eye out is worth it — even if you do pay for it the next day. Did I mention we all did shots?


Update: More on last night’s events in 9rules Notes.

5 Responses to “9rules Talking Heads Strike Comedy Gold”

  1. 1 Scrivs

    Love it! I wasn’t sure how it would work out myself, but if we could go on for 5 hours (yeah from 11pm-4am people) then you know it had to be decent. And what do you mean you had to pay for it the next morning? I’m sure you only did one shot. Next time man up son or get the wifey to play :P

  2. 2 Jason

    Christ, man. 4am? No wonder nobody’s manning the shop today! :-P

    I should get the wife into it — she thought the show as almost as funny as I did when I was able to tear her away from that Jane AUSTIN nonsense. She can drink me under the table Ernest & Julio style, though I may still pull rank with the hard stuff.

  3. 3 J Phill

    Yeah, in all honesty, that had to have been the most fun on the web I’ve ever had. It was that entertaining, and I even left 3 hours before it ended unfortunately, which is why I’m tired as hell right now. I laughed a whole lot though and it was worth it.

  4. 4 Jason

    Totally agree, JPhill. I’m bleary eyed and now I’m heading downtown to do the Chinese New Year thing. God knows what I’ll look like tomorrow.

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