Kissing Kristen, Shooting Britney

Which of these covers doesn’t belong? During a week when bottom feeding media coverage was the norm, we look to the highbrow outlets provide relief, right? Not so much.

Instead, we saw the New York Times congratulated for being “way out in front” of governor pay-per-tryst the instant they linked “Kristen’s” (now) well traveled myspace page. And when paparazzi shots of Britney showed up on the front of thoughtful, 150 year old Atlantic Monthly, I was convinced the apocalypse had come. I mean, sure, they’ve got a different spin (exploring how the photographers work is their excuse for posting salacious shots), but do you buy it? Wanna know how Luiz Betat got the shot of Britney shaving her head? It’s all here! That’s the kind of behavior we expect from the New York Post.

Then again, sales of April’s Atlantic will surely annihilate those of any other issue this year, enabling the semi-struggling younger-audience-wanting mag to keep on chugging into its 151st year. That’s some kind of silver lining, I suppose.

But here’s the worst part: It worked. They sucked me in. I read ’em all. The New York Post, The Atlantic (Britney first!), New York Magazine. (My excuse for reading the Post is a hawker in Union Square handed me a sponsored copy. Weak, no?) Hell, I even visited Ashley’s music store. (Favorite comment: “Only 98 cents? I thought it was five thousand bucks for the hour. What a steal.”). No moral here; just owning up to being a rubbernecker like everyone else. Sadly, this new Atlantic may be onto something.

Read The Atlantic’s Britney stalking exposé and watch The Times act like probing a prostitute is quality investigative journalism.

2 Responses to “Kissing Kristen, Shooting Britney”

  1. 1 Aparna Pappu

    Hahahaha – so true. I “found” a people mag on the metro north (ok I bought) because for once I wanted to see what the hell is in there that everyone and their dog is reading. Sadly nothing but pictures or celebs either looking hideous or two pages later looking fabulous.
    Re all the sex scandals you forget to mention that as if the media obsession with spitzer and his hookers wasn’t bad enough – the mcgreevey saga not being able to handle the sordidness mantle stolen from it decide to come out with a three way. what is this – scandal poker? I see your prostitution I raise you a three way? Anything to take our minds of the machinations of the clinton campaign and the whole saga of the democratic party primaries i guess.

  2. 2 Jason

    haha. Yeah, I remember that three way nonsense. Was it even true? I tried to avoid hearing more, honestly. But, yeah, it’s hilarious how these stories seem to be fighting for the spotlight with ever more ridiculous details.

    Speaking of the democratic primary insanity, you might enjoy Four Days in Denver. Authored by a writer on West Wing, it imagines what it might be like if there’s still no obvious candidate by August — with crazy, yet fully plausible, results.

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