Dubya’s Last Words

I suppose it’s fitting that during Bush’s last speech to the UN, it’s revealed that his speeches are written out in 36 point font like children’s books. And wth each and every word underlined, too — as if to remind that skipping words is not allowed. Is it all spelled out phonetically, too? I wouldn’t doubt it.

Considering the avalanche of disasters brought about by Bush’s reign, it figures that his outro would be nothing less than the collapse of the American empire. Okay, Ahmadinejad said that, but I think we can all agree that some radical readjustment is in the works.

And back in Washington, the representative from Ohio laid out quite nicely the precise nature of Bush’s final act. Thank God we’ve only 117 days until someone else is running this place. Assuming there’s anything left of it by then.

Of course the way Bush’s speech is written out is likely typical of high profile public speakers (a teleprompter substitute). But, hey, I couldn’t resist. image via nytimes

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  1. 1 James

    I used to be a media coach. I trained people to give speeches and press conferences, appear on TV and handle good and bad news publicly.

    It’s clear from your snide posting that you have no clue about public speaking. Let me help you.

    When giving a speech, it’s critical that that type be large enough to read and follow. Words are underlined to denote emphasis or pronunciation. The pages are in a 3 ring binder so that they can’t get shuffled or lost. I bet they even included page-numbering. Imagine that.

    Clearly you suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome®. Sufferers of BDS® believe that every action taken by Bush is either part of some Rove conspiracy, fascist takeover, or ultimate proof of Bush stupidity.

    Perhaps you should investigate and write about why it is that this idiot has cleaned your clock for 8 years, and his ‘stupid’ successors Palin and McCain will continue to do so for 8 more years.

    Stupid indeed.

  2. 2 Andy

    Jesus, James. Did you really need to be that obnoxious? The fine print at the bottom clearly indicates that the author realizes the way Bush’s notes are printed is a common practice. As I’m reading it, the part on the notes is intended to be a lighthearted intro to some serious commentary on the state of our nation. Did you read the entire post? The video linked at the end makes exactly the kinds of points you’re saying are needed.

  3. 3 Daniel

    You wanted a big event in order to pull us all into war? You got it.
    We ALL knew Bush was going to pull something by the end of his term. This economic crisis was it. Bush was rolling the dice with his cronies by putting all of our lives into jeopardy if we do not fight in his war. Thanks Bush… you’ve killed us all.

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