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Art Inspiration in Chelsea


Whenever I go to Chelsea, I come away inspired. But absence makes the heart grow fonder and it’s been way too long. Then again, gallery season just started, so it’s a perfect time to reacquaint. And boy did this season start well. Just have a look at Calma up above. His Novo Mundo show at the Jonathan Levine is jaw dropping. Here are a few more December shows that remind me why I love Chelsea:

Zaha Hadid’s installations at 169 10th Ave and Sonnabend (respectively):



The Art of Babar at Mary Ryan ignites memories of the fabulous space elephants of childhood:


Peter Callesen’s “Folded Thoughts” paper sculptures:


Shag’s underwater room as part of his Voyeur show:


Perfect Strangers provides these “dare not go in” freakazoid human-headed beasts:


Hope to hit Chelsea a lot more often in the new year. Art inspiration can’t wait another 300 days (and neither can Billy’s). See you in 2009!

Speaking at Living Game Worlds

Just hit the ground in Atlanta, where I’ll be speaking at Living Game Worlds 4 this week. It’s always great fun to hang out with folks like Raph Koster, T.L. Taylor, Randy Farmer, and Ian Bogost. My talk will focus on the design challenges we faced building games in virtual worlds — the Virtual Team Building Games project, which I lead at IBM Research. Looking forward to some good discussion. If you’re at LGW4, stop by and say hi!

Check out our notes on LGW3 at Inside Living Game Worlds. For more, see the Living Game Worlds site.

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