Art Inspiration in Chelsea


Whenever I go to Chelsea, I come away inspired. But absence makes the heart grow fonder and it’s been way too long. Then again, gallery season just started, so it’s a perfect time to reacquaint. And boy did this season start well. Just have a look at Calma up above. His Novo Mundo show at the Jonathan Levine is jaw dropping. Here are a few more December shows that remind me why I love Chelsea:

Zaha Hadid’s installations at 169 10th Ave and Sonnabend (respectively):



The Art of Babar at Mary Ryan ignites memories of the fabulous space elephants of childhood:


Peter Callesen’s “Folded Thoughts” paper sculptures:


Shag’s underwater room as part of his Voyeur show:


Perfect Strangers provides these “dare not go in” freakazoid human-headed beasts:


Hope to hit Chelsea a lot more often in the new year. Art inspiration can’t wait another 300 days (and neither can Billy’s). See you in 2009!

3 Responses to “Art Inspiration in Chelsea”

  1. 1 Scott

    Werd! These shots are fantastic. I wish I could have gone.

  2. 2 Jason

    Thanks. The galleries are really fabulous in wintertime. Break out the arctic gear!

  3. 3 Stainer1

    Love the brazilian guys work at the top.

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