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Hardcore Starts at Home

Guilty as charged. The ridiculous haircuts, the ludicrously huge glasses, the ancient headphones, the thousand yard stare. It’s all true. No matter! Nothing focuses you like Combat, Atari 2600 style. It’s the young heyday of the videogame in full swing — my big cousin and I drinking from the firehose.

But what I love is watching my nephews doing the same thing. Except now the console is Wii, the closest thing to Combat is Wii Play Tanks (complete with co-op!), and they’ve traded the rotting yellow hand-me-down headphones for significantly cooler earbuds. And I’ve gone from the hopeless geek to the cool uncle who understands (well, until they see this photo).

Me and my cousin? We’ve both got PhDs. That’s right, here’s proof that violent videogames are the gateway drug to… higher learning. The horror.

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Final confession: for better or worse, everything I’m wearing in the photo (other than the glasses) is a hand me down from cousins. And they eventually handed down the 2600, too. Rock!

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